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The Red-Hand Of Ulster

The red hand of Ulster comes from a legend from one of Ireland's many legendary invasions. Red Hand The leader of a war party promised a prize to the first man to touch land with his right hand; so the winner, a left-handed man, cut off his right hand and threw it onto the shore. As with most legends there are many versions of the story this is just one.

Message from the editor.

I hope in my small way to show as many aspects as possible of Loyalist & Orange culture in this website.

I hope you will then begin to understand us.

Giants Causway
The powerful giant Finn Mc Cool was chief of the Irish Royal Army. In love with a beautiful giant girl who lived in the Hebrides, he built a road to join his beloved lady. The road is the famous Giant's Causeway pictured above, Northern Ireland's natural symbolic monument

  1. Is the Irish Tricolour your National Flag?

  2. Is Dublin your nations capital?

  3. Is the Irish culture your nations culture?

  4. Is the Irish language your national tongue?

  5. Are the terrorist Sinn Fein / IRA your national army?

  6. Is the "soldier's song" your national anthem?

No To All Six Means We Are British

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Above are six very simple questions for the people of Ulster to answer yet Sinn Fein / IRA constantly attempt to deny the Loyalist people the right to express "Their cultural identity". Where is our parity of esteem Mr. Adams? 

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