The LVF is an extreme loyalist group formerly led by Billy Wright





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The LVF is an extreme loyalist group formerly led by Billy Wright, who was killed in the Maze prison at Christmas 1997, allegedly by THE Irish National Liberation Army in collusion with the British government It is believed to be made up of loyalists dissatisfied with other paramilitary organisations. Mainly ex U.V.F but now has very close links to the U.F.F.In March 1998, the group threatened Protestants who colluded in the peace process. In May, it declared an "unequivocal" ceasefire to encourage people to vote No in the referendum on the Good Friday Agreement.

The Loyalist Volunteer Force had been formed in 1996 following an acrimonious split between Billy Wright and the Ulster Volunteer Force, (UVF). Until 1996, Billy Wright had been clearly identified with the UVF in the mid-Ulster area. However, his opposition to the politics of the UVF and his open support for the Orangemen at Drumcree was contrary to UVF/PUP policy. His defiance of this policy resulted in the UVF issuing an ultimatum to Wright that gave him 72 hrs to leave Northern Ireland or face "summary execution". Wright defied the ultimatum and split with the UVF/PUP to form the breakaway loyalist grouping the LVF. Billy Wright Outside Drumcree Parish Church

During 1995/96, Billy Wright had clearly become identified with the Orange Order protests at Drumcree, near Portadown, Co Armagh. The protests ensued when members of the Orange Institution were prevented by a Parades Commission ruling from completing a church parade along a section of the Garvaghy Road, Portadown. The security forces are known to believe that Wright’s presence at Drumcree was a major influence in subsequent Government decisions to allow the Orangemen to complete the Drumcree parade.

During the 1996 Drumcree stand-off Billy Wright had discussions with the Ulster Unionist Party leader and MP for Upper Bann, Mr David Trimble. The discussions were initiated by Mr Trimble and took place in the church hall at Drumcree.
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